By Jez, Jan 15 2021 04:24PM

Looking at reviews of the Yaesu FTDX10 and decided it's probably a nice investment for 2021. Then I looked back over rigs I've owned, actually more than I cared to remember. Yaesu FTDX1200, Icom7400, a Kenwood HT from yay back in 2000 and it's mobile brother, TS850, 870 and 590, Yaesu FTM400 , Wouxan KG in 6m & 4m, a TYT8900 and a handful of HT including but not limited to 868, 51 mk2, FT2d, Retevis, Wouxan, Baofeng...Nuff said !

Is there any justification, well ask any ham and we trust the science just like our polititicians. Of course it can be justified, as long as it arrives under a Clingon cloaking device !


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