Wouxan, question ?

By Jez, Feb 10 2019 07:58PM

I bought into th p series mobiles because of multiband programming and price point. simples. Some people groan and others groan through experience. I have had these radios for a number of years without fault or blank screen of death. Granted I tend to access the menu through the PTT keypad, otherwise the control switches and volume control/selector is a bit small and feeble. However they continue to work faultlessly for an FM rig. The remote head option and extended cable works and between the two I can set up a repeater. I think the complication for most Hams came when the 1700 hz tone burst was replaced with ctss, some have argued this may have hampered repeater use. I like simplicity, but the arguement was along the lines of opening repeaters unnecessarily. Anywaysuffice to say I use a U.S.A brand software programming package, i tried the Chinese iterations with no success.

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