Was that February ?

By Jez, Mar 1 2019 09:41PM

As with most of us still on the treadmill, meaning employed and not retired, it left little operating time. Nevertherless mostly studio upgrades took place and the arrival of some very heavy mass loaded vinyl. If you haven't come across this for attenuation, make it your business to explore. I have imported a new mixing desk and DAW controller, which is rapidly becoming a new option for remote or direct control of the rigs. I recently read an article bemoaning remote pay to play stations. I guess there are always going to be naysayers. Maybe we should say they just have other preferences. The technology is now readily available and I'm sure everybody has been intrigued by the idea with their own station. I'm still of a mind to overcome as much at this QTH, ask me that again as the QRM continues to rise in 'S' points.

My neighbour has erected a nice high new fence, only half jokingly to obscure the mast. I like the privacy it now affords me to work around the mast. Previously the fences were just less than three foot high wire, much like the open plan post war social housing builds.

N.R.C broke all visitor records and was a delight to work over the half term. Youngsters pick morse up quick, and they make you work hard at answering very pertinent questions from pre war cultural sexism, to quantum physics. And so we March on...

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