Shift stand down put to use

By Jez, Dec 22 2020 01:06PM

06.00 hr start and stood down by 08.00 hr, after a crafty Costa as Starbucks was overun my non mask wearing zombies. Actually two cheery Costa staff made it worth while. Home and thought to rest, but decided to tackle the DMR Brandmeister issues and thanks to Santas elves all fixed. Ran an update on the hotspot and changed up the settings before jiggery poking around selfcare and getting th IP address sorted. Nice to have Brandmeister and TG91 as it should be. I'll be honest, I had to walk away last visit on the understanding I would return and concentrate with a new mind. I may now play around with the new RT Systems software I purchased for my ID51, I have a real soft spot for that HT and it's grainy display. Somewhere deep in my psyche I sense a new HT for '21 or post Covid manufacture shutdown that will look nothing like any HT before it, question is who's brand name will be printed on the sticky label first adorning the generic chassis.


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