Mic shy, moi...Yup

By Jez, Jun 25 2019 12:48PM

That old adage...To be a good operator, listen. No doubt it does help you iron out the wrinkles of a mode, the grammar, little foibles etc. DMR like any other mode has such. In the shack, given the free time, the foot pedal goes down and off I go. Clearly I'm still not confident with my programming. The youngster at work get's it, laughing and saying "It's a chat room"

Fitted a decent dedicated 70cm antenna just for DMR on the car. Once I get over my TG flop, it will be time to actually try and use a repeater not a hotspot. Note to self, really check codeplug.

Trying out an Audio Technica BP40 in the shack and studio. It will be interesting to see the difference with the Electro Voice RE320. Which I have to say I prefer over the Heil PR781. All personal preference, can't fault the engineering in any. I got good service out of my Kenwood MC90 and got into the habit of gating any mic after using an AT2035 condenser.

I guess you never stop learning and with our ever diversifying hobby, the journey not the destination matters.

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