Grinding it out

By Jez, May 23 2020 11:11AM

To be completely honest, some days I have to grind. Either I've hit the sack in the small hours post shack, Old Pulteney (single malt) snifter later, or just summed up with a "What's the point" shrug. I wake and just know that to get the wheels turning is going to be that, push, kick, stumble and grind to GSD. Little by little the inertia builds. Sadly the hardest wheel to shift is the talk or not talk to people, ferris of a wheel. Nothing can make you do it and you can't flip a coin. My father, when alive, used to pad downstairs first thing in the morning, open the front door, and announce to the outside world "Life is s**t" ! and slam the door shut. If you'd met him an hour later you might not know, and most thought him a complete extrovert.

In parting and over many years, I have left peoples company with the same phrase, I don't even here myself say it. But in 2020 it has taken on new meaning, so to you...Take care.


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