Builds and bits

By Jez, May 27 2019 06:46PM

I kind of got volunteered to build a crossband repeater for a SAR team, well they didn't know it was going to have croosband potential. Nor did they know I looked into moving them to licensed status and to DMR with location based repeater capability. Anyway, thought I'd start with analogue. Another great rabbit hole. Cat 5e rj45 is actually your friend, ethernet patch leads to you and me. However for these guys a couple of boot strapped mobile units and a bit of jiggery tinkering would get them a go box. Yeh ok, then came the digital monkey on my shoulder. Now let's have some fun, nextions came out, pi's and the soldering iron. Project boxes on the way. I think I've got some learning and work to do.

Mucking around with duplex hotspots and a couple of openwrts, and the inevitable debate about simplex over duplex and I got to thinking. What a wonderful hobby we have.


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