By Jez, Nov 11 2019 10:23PM

After a considerable digestion of pdf files and a handful of trial and error passes at updates. The FTM 400XDE is now v4.4 not 2.0 and the DSP is now up to date. Funny how it always feels more straight forward after a few ERR messages, and a final ping of complete. Admittedly all errors were operator driven. I do still have to update the HRI 200. To be practical the access node has to be stand alone. Patience and planning will give it good coverage and lifespan. The next question is will it get any real use ?


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20181023_144226~2 20181228_140127~3 20181229_094305_HDR~3 WIN_20190111_14_24_00_Pro LoTW2 download