By Jez, Sep 17 2019 08:18PM

No, not a new movie for elderly Hollywood 'A' listers. But the reinforced rubber hose kind. Unlike your Rhone or other lattice mast, pneumatics require compressed air feedlines. On a routine inspection, the sun had finally seen off the flexibility in the outer sheath of the hoseline. It had a number of cracks in the only exposed section behind the bayonet connector to the base of the Racal.

This presented the opportunity to renew the design and hose in this above ground section. I had wanted to add a valve, water trap and lubrication resevoir for some time. It also allows for easy sectional replacement. UK seasonal weather a matter of unpredictable extremes, in supposedly temperate climbs.

I have a collection of three weather proof boxes at the mast base now. Thinking this could now be rationalised into one bigger access box for the remote ATU's, airline valve and allow for the inevitable growth.


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