By Jez, Jan 23 2021 06:37PM

PTT switch fitted to the gear stick now resembles the centre stick in a cockpit, the red switch itslef doesn't help...But works very well.

APRS gateway hardware now sits to my side saying finish the job in a chastising way. SDRuno 1.4.2 now on the pc with some jiggery pokery to get the commnuity plugins in the right file location and Contour shuttle to at least appear. Walked away from that for a while. whilst furloughed from SDRuno researched IRN crosslink on teamspeak, Echolink and Zello on network radio. Then just promised myself to goback to my LCWO training as I got so much out of that including a different headache than the one I get installing divers and software ! Which then made me vow to make greater use of programming the IC7000 that mounts in the car, jeez I'm so far behind with projects. Meh, the list is not getting shorter. I really wouldn't worry about us all becoming appliance operators with this hobby, stuff will always hit the fan and need bodging.


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