By Jez, Dec 9 2018 06:27PM

Bad week last week, moving on. Upgraded the computer in the shack to i7 2TB blah blah. Anyway took the opportunity to install the pc rig control software for the 590, and also placed the RSP2 on a relay into the rigs and also the RX loop (switched). That all works nicely and to answer the other question, sticking with the Log4OM and the new release. I just like it. Kept the N1MM as I have a purpose for that, for what it was designed. Nuff said. Doing the same for the 870.

What else ? Playing with CW skimmer, good fun. The K44 needs setting up again, not much to do there. On the CW front, I have been working mostly on LCWO. With good results I might add, does take constat practice and alot of time. Not begrudged I might add, I would like more time.

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