By Jez, Jan 19 2019 01:40PM

Moxon or urban beam by Steppir, well other than the self build cost versus a multiband. Most important they fit the plot that I use. 2019 upgrade most likely. I say this while I look out at cold grey skies. Normally I would have said we lived in a temperate climate, but increasingly the peaks and troughs in extremes are greater. Meaning maintenance has to increase and cost. That said no excusues...Man up and expand my climate heating rf capability.

Inside I have continued to practice both sending and receiving morse, making sure i am not too ham fisted once I decide to leave the sandpit and go on air. Learning morse, like any language has peaks and troughs. Be patient, I get great moments of head copy and then fog, eventually the penny will drop. I look back at my effort learning French and it helps put it in perspective.


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