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My entry at the age of twelve was CB27/81. I had my Post Office licence for FM, Cobra 21. Pimped with rg213 to a 5/8 silver rod on the chimney stack. Hilltop location, the extra power we all used, and yes I did use AM and SSB, meant real dx even on crowded bands. Taught you how to talk to people, hold conversations. Telephony at it's best and sometimes worst.

Ham radio has been established in the UK since the 1930's, but my true introduction came later during my working life. I used marine vhf and pmr. It was whilst at work, I struck up a conversation with a late G series ham. He was genuinely bemused at my, apathy considering my interest, at going for RAE, now three part licence. I owe that man.

 I joined my local club BBRC, and haven't looked back. The club supports all those taking up the hobby and studying for one of the now three licenses. However the club, any club, supports so much more than that. I would encourage anybody to look at their local club for support. Technically there is so much more available. All the new surface mount tech and the advent of commercial and hobby SDR, has been embraced by the adventerous ham community worldwide.

I wasn't one of the brave to study and take all three at once. Instead the club helped me to my Foundation M6 and Intermediate 2E0.  Around the eighteen month mark I had proudly got my M0 with the Bath based distance learning course and support from the club. This was a great learning curve and took me from unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent. Note to the reader, some years later this has not changed. I am still learning.

I think when you're first licenced there's an ambition, likely a certain HF/VHF band, QRP or DX. However the hobby is so diverse you are definitely going to potter around and dabble in alot of different aspects until you find your natural home. I am of course leaving all the normal constraints of finances, planning, QRM, location etc to one side in that broad statement. The RSGB and club helps.

There is another point I should now add, and I doubt there is another ham out there who would not agree. As much as you try to be reasonable about your hobby, once you are licensed...There is no known rehabilitation back into society.






On the waves, Where to Columbus...

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