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We live in a world which is more connected than ever, but more isn't necessarily better, it just means you need to filter better. There is a whole world out there in the ether, somewhere you can connect from a few pounds investment to thousands. The privilage of taking the time to look a little deeper and learn, is the licence to build, experiment and connect with that unseen world in an unparalleled way. Radio is as important today as it ever was, have a look there's a whole spectrum to find interest in.

Like many, my interest started when I was a teenager, it was our Facebook. Yes actually this hobby of ours is populated by all sorts of people from all walks of life. My volunteer work at R.S.G.B National Radio Centre Bletchley Park has brought that point home to me. Not only do I get to meet other Hams, but many other people who come to the centre and the park. All with their own very interesting stories. The ability to converse, communicate is the very thread that ties us. Not just staying in touch but, learning, making new friendships, helping others, sharing and laughing. It may appear frivolous to some, I think it fundamental. After all the best builders and tinkerers are at the very forefront of human endeavour and exploration. Even if it all blows up in smoke occasionally.





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