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We live in a world which is more connected, but more isn't necessarily better, it just means you need to filter better. 2020/21 has been a time of finding the new normal, lockdown and tiers have created an era for Hams to reach out to help out, sorry terrible pun, expand their knowledge creating more diverse and equal opportunities across generations to communicate across many different platforms. My adventures started with the dream of HF DX. It is still out there, 'Build it and they will come..'. However it is a challenging pursuit, not least the thorny subject of QRM, planning & housing restrictions and now ICNIRP. I am lucky to have an active local club, Burnham Beaches Radio Club and I also volunteer at GB3RS, the National Radio centre at Bletchley Park, the Government Code and Cypher School needs no introduction. The history of the codebreakers and the work of introducing  the interceptors and modern Amateur radio to our visitors is a very neat excuse for experimenting in the true sense of our licence terms, anywhere and everywhere. The magic of contacting another operator somewhere else in a different time zone on our blue planet, never ceases to please. With all the traffic now spread across the spectrum in many modes, reception or interception has never been more complex. In a society where devices are more widely and cheaply available, conventions and agreements selectivley broken by States , Businesses and individuals, it has also never been more important to administrate the spectrum wisely.



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